Quieting Down

I had begun to write a third post in a row on politics but I hated it. Hated the result, hated the subject matter. Unfortunately, that leaves me with little on my mind this morning which might be where I need to be.

Three word version of what I was writing: Sessions must go.

I’ve written a great deal about social media. Too much, probably. It holds a boundless fascination for me. Twitter, especially. It is both a source of anxiety and the place I go in a misguided attempt at alleviating that anxiety. It is both essential and superfluous. It is a tool and I am its tool.

I yearn to quiet it down. To feel that I’m able to do so. To read without the need to share, without the need to feed the beast of my own perception, without hunting for that quotable line that will fit in 140 characters. How, exactly, I get there, is anyone’s guess. But I don’t think it is through being present on Twitter as much as I have been of late (if one is ever truly present on Twitter). No matter what, posting here will continue. This has been one of the most creatively satisfying challenges I’ve created for myself. Not giving it up.

The priorities: writing, reading, learning, resisting, human-ing.