The Viewmaster Presidency

Campaign rhetoric delivered in a calm and “presidential” demeanor does little beyond forcibly clicking the button on the Viewmaster of a terrifying presidency. Yet his brief display of sanity will be the discussion for the remainder of the day, at least until he gives into the normal (so-called) angels of his nature and lets loose a torrent of vindictiveness after mentally seizing upon some slight that goes against his expectation of universal adulation.

But Democrats have to do better. They cannot rely on “Oh that’s bad.” I’m sure the former Kentucky governor is a fine person, but as a rebuttal to Trump’s first Congressional address, he offered a paltry remonstrance, devoid of the fire and passion that has fueled the resistance to Trump’s bastardization of the office in marches and protests the world over. Now is not the time to play it safe. Now is the time to listen to the fire, to show that its voices are being heard by a party with a pulse.